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Nasikh and Mansoûkh

"AL-Haadi" had already published an article to prove the existence of Dou'aa-e-Qunout with the formula "Allaahoumma innaa Nastaî'nouka ....". Contrary to rumours that deny its existence, we have proved that this Dou'aa was indeed recited by Rasulullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam), the Sahaabah Kiraam (Radiyallahou anhoum) and the Taabi'îne (R).

In addition to that, we demonstrated with references that two Sourahs of the Qur'aan-e-Karim were abrogated later.



Le Qour’aan mobile

Kikene fine dimane Hazrat Aisha ‎(Radiyallahou anhou‎)‎ a propos l’habitude et comportement Nabi ‎(Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam)‎. Hazrat Aisha ‎(Radiyallahou anhou‎)‎ fine repone ki Nabi ‎(Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam)‎ so comportement c’était Qour’aan-e-Kareem. C'est-à-dire le Qour’aan-e-Kareem ki nou ena en forme écrite c’est le Qour’aan en théorie. Quant à Qour’aan pratique et mobile c’était Nabi ‎(Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam)‎. La pratique de Nabi ‎(Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam)‎ c’est ça même ki nou qualifié li de sounnah. Le sounnah de Nabi ‎(...


The Nur of Nubuwwat and Wilaayat

Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is the greatest Nabi (prophet).  Nubuwwat (Prophethood) is granted by Allah.  It is an extraordinary Nur. 

Despite this fact, many people were unable to perceive his (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) Nubuwwat.  Just in Makkah alone, the Mushrikeen (Polytheists) were unable to perceive this Nur and acknowledge him as a Nabi.  This was the case with the adversaries.

On the other hand, even the...


Nasikh et Mansoûkh

"AL-HAADÎ" a déjà publié un article pour prouver l'existence du Dou'aa-é-Qounoûte avec la formule "Allaahoumma innaa Nastaî'nouka...." Contrairement aux rumeurs qui niaient son existence, nous avons démontré que ce Dou'aa était bel et bien récité par Raçouloullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam), les Sahaabah‎-é- Kiraam (Radiyallahou anhoum‎) et les Taabi'îne (R).

En sus, nous avons démontré, avec références, que c'était deux Sourahs du Qour'aan-é-Karîm dont les textes furent enlevés plus tard...


Permission for women to attend the Masjid

It is true that women used to attend the Masjid during the time of Nabi (Sallallaahu A'laihi Wasallam). This fact can be used as evidence to allow women to attend the Masjid‎. Note that this was simply an authorisation because Nabi (Sallallaahu A'laihi Wasallam)‎ always preferred that women perform their Salaah in the most concealed place of their houses. In fact, in a hadith Nabi (Sallallaahu A'laihi Wasallam)‎ said:

(خير مساجد النساء قعر بيوتهن (مسند احمد...

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