An amazing comparison between Dunya and Aakhirah

At times, people skip a meal like breakfast in wait for a sumptuous lunch like a biryani. In short, such a person does some sacrifices (رياضت) in the present just for the sake of enjoying something delicious in the future. Thus he is ready to make such a sacrifice despite the immediate (العاجلة) like bread, butter, cheese, banana being available due to the conviction (يقين) that he has in the briyani that hasn't even been cooked yet. 

In the same way, our Buzrugan-e-Deen (pious predecessors) would sacrifice the immediate (العاجلة) which is the world for the sake of Aakhirah due to the conviction  they have in the bliss and bounties of the hereafter as promised in the Qu'raan. These pious souls perceived the fragrance of the hereafter, so why would they not be ready for such sacrifices?  

On the occasion of Uhud, Hadrat Anas bin Nadheer (Radiyallahu anhu) said: اني لاجد ريح الجنة دون احد

"I am smelling the fragrance of Jannah by mount Uhud. (Bukhari) He went to fight until he was martyred (Shaheed). This shows that some people do get this fragrance." 

Thus let us strengthen our relationship with Allah. Let us supplicate and make dua to Allah. Allah has everything by Him. There's no lack of anything by Him. 

Receiving something and then losing it is more painful than not receiving it in the first place. For example, one makes dua for a car and one gets it and then it is destroyed in an accident. The pain of losing it is much more than the pain of not getting it, as the heart has already been attached to it.

Another example is making dua to get a child. If one is childless, then one is grieved. If one gets a child then loses it, then the grief is even more.

Thus at times, Allah doesn't grant us our duas just to protect us from more grief. Therefore, instead of giving us a little in this world, Allah prefers giving us much more in the hereafter.

So let us have more conviction in Allah, that whatever is by Him is much better for us than what is in this world!