I have a very serious issue with y husband. He always abuses my family.I have no right to talk ill about his family....

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azmibholah80@gmail.com Assalamualaikoum Brother in Islam. I have a very serious issue with y husband. He always abuses my family.I have no right to talk ill about hisfamily but he always have something insulting towards my parents. He is always after my money.I work and he says that I should pay for what I eat at times of anger.He is of the opinion that since I work, Ineed to give him money but what about my rights as a wife?As far as I know, it is the dutry of the hush=band to providev for his wife and children.He only cares for his family. Now he is being more insultive. Every time we argue, he leaves the house and sleeps outside. When I ask him,he starts insulting me saying that I ham responsible for this.I am educated and all I want is to resove my family issue but he always calls my parents to come and interfere in our matter.He is like tio be the victim.I have left home twice and he says that my parents have done everyting to break this nikah.I really dont know what to do. He takes Quran tuition with a teacher and last week when we gor a problem he phoned my father asking him to come.When quarelling he alwaays says"kite mo la case aler,boucou zour ine fini tigit zour in rester"I replied that I did not come on my own, there was a society and that if he desires to leave me, he has to bring society.His mother is always on his side and always pe rempli so zoreille. He does not has any manner when he enters home.Yesterday he got angry when his ustad talked to him and said that he would talk to my parents. He says that my parents has no son.But we also have two daughters.He is arrogant of the fact his mom has 4 sons.But that is what Allah has decreed for my parents and myself.Yesterday he left home at around 1145 and went to sleep in his brother's house and wghwn I told this to his mom he said that tanto mo pu met tou fami mo pu kit toi et mone degoute toi. Can you please advise me on this.In anger I have also asked him if he wants me to leave, he needs to divorce me as i got married and came to his house.I am sure that he as always wants to pose as VICTIME in this circumstance. Jazaakallah Khrairan.


We know that there is a problem between you and your husband, but we are unable to give you advice without hearing your husband. So we request you and your husband to take an appointment and to call at Jamiat Ul Ulama of Mauritius (Tel 2400439) or refer your case to Muslim Family Council (Tel 2128667).