The merits of tilaawat

The modernists simply say that there is no benefit in reciting the Qour'aan-e-Karim if one does not understand its ‎meaning.  This is a very dangerous perspective that can lead to Kufr.  The Qour'aan is not the wordings of a human but ‎that of Allah Ta'aala, The Supreme and Unique Master of the entire universe.  So, whoever reads the Qour'aan is not ‎reading anything other than the word of Allah Ta'aala.‎

We should know that if the recitation or reading of satanic or evil words without understanding is blameworthy then ‎‎reciting the Qour'aan with or without understanding would without doubt hold a lot of reward.  However, reciting it ‎with ‎understanding is more virtuous.‎

In one part of a hadith, Hazrat Abu Saeed (Radiyallahou anhu) reported that Rasulullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam) ‎said:‎

‎"... The superiority of the word of Allah over all other words is like the superiority of Allah (the Creator) upon all of His ‎creation."‎

Tilaawat-oul-Qour'aan is an action (an Ibaadah) which is praiseworthy in itself.  Moreover, it is the best and most ‎effective form of Zikroullaah.  So, it is an ideal way to gain closeness to Allah Ta'aala, and by engaging in Tilaawat, a ‎certain affinity (Nisbat) with Allah Ta'aala is developed, one is overwhelmed with divine grace and one's heart is ‎overflowed with the light of Îmaan.‎

Imaam Ahmad Bin Hambal (R) said:‎

‎"I saw Allah Ta'aala in a dream and I asked Him what was the best way to get closer to Him?  He replied," O Ahmad! It is ‎My Word (i.e. the Qour'aan)! ‎

I asked Him if the recitation should be with or without understanding and He replied: "With or without understanding.  ‎Any of the two ways is a means to seek my proximity."‎

Hazrat Sahl Tastari (R) said that the proof of love for Allah is the existence of love for the word of Allah in his heart.‎

Mullah 'A'li Qaarî (R) narrates from Tirmizi that in the presence of Allah the Mighty, the Qour'aan will implore Allah to ‎adorn the one who recites it.  Allah Ta'aala will give him a crown of honour.  The Qour'aan will request additional ‎favours for him so Allah Ta'aala will express His pleasure with him.‎

Can there be anything more valuable than to attain the pleasure of Allah?  If we have to move the heaven and the ‎earth to attain His pleasure, it would not be in vain because success in the Hereafter is based on the acquisition of the ‎satisfaction and pleasure of Allah.  And to think that Rasulullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam) had already given us a ‎magical formula that enables us to attain the key to success - to read the Qour'aan, the infallible word of Allah Ta'aala.  ‎Therefore, no Muslim should neglect the recitation and the study of the Qour'aan.  In this world where we live, we are ‎harassed by Satanic and carnal invitations day and night.  Moreover, our hearts are continuously diverted from the ‎thought of Allah Soubhaanahoû Wa Ta'aala.  If self-control is not regained, the heart will exceed all bounds and will be ‎subjected to constant rust.  It is therefore necessary that every Muslim show great care/interest to strengthen his ‎Imaan and to make his heart shine with the light of Imaan and with the recognition of Allah (the Ma'rifat) by engaging ‎in the Tilaawat -oul -Qour'aan regularly.‎

Nobody should say that he is too busy and have no free time for Tilaawat.  Let us put aside this small satanic box called ‎the television or those books that make us build castles in the air and let us rather turn to the Qour'aan, the source of ‎salvation.  Although initially one starts by reciting just a rouk'ou daily, one should consider it a progress and say ‎Alhamdoulillaah.  Isn't it said that  "little by little the bird builds its nest?"‎

Alllah Ta'aala does not look at the quantity of something but the steadfastness, even if the amount is little.  ‎Consistency is a sign of sincerity.  In a hadith of Bukhari, Rasulullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam) said:‎

‎"... And the best action (act of piety) for Allah is that which is done regularly."‎

Below are some ahaadîce regarding the merits of Tilaawat.  May Allah, Al-Haadi, give us the Taufiq to derive maximum ‎benefits from them.‎


Rasulullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam) said: Whoever reads a letter from the Book of Allah (i.e. the Qour'aan-e-‎Karim), will receive a Hasanah and one Hasanah is equal to ten units of reward.  I'm not saying that 'Alif Laam-Mim’-is a ‎letter but Alif is a letter, Laam is a letter and Mim is a letter. (Tirmizi)‎

‎"Reciting the Qour'aan (from memory) yields thousands of units of çawaab and reading the Qour'aan (by looking at ‎the text) increases the sawaab up to two thousand (units?)." (Baihaqui)‎

‎('To recite' means 'verbalizing what we have memorised from the Qour'aan’ while 'to read' means 'verbalizing the ‎words of the Qour'aan by looking at it')‎

Certainly, the hearts rust just like iron rusts when water gets on it.  Someone asked: 'O Prophet of Allah (Sallallaahou ‎A'laihi Wasallam)!  What can polish them again?' He answered: 'Constant remembrance of death and the recitation of ‎the Qour'aan'. (Baihaqui)‎

Whoever listens to the recitation of a verse from the book of Allah, double reward is written for him whereas the one ‎who recites it (a verse), it will be a light for him on the Day of Judgment. (Ahmad)‎

Hazrat Abu Zar (Radiyallahou anhu) said. I asked, - "Yaa Rasulullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam) advise me." He ‎‎(Rasulullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam)) said: "Cultivate the fear of Allah, since it is the root of everything (every ‎virtuous deed)." I said, "Yaa Rasulullah (Sallallaahou A'laihi Wasallam) say something more" and he said: "Read the ‎Qour'aan as it is a light for you in this world and a provision in the hereafter. (Ibn Hibbaan)‎

The houses in which the Qour'aan-e-Paak is recited, shine for the inhabitants of the sky just like how the stars shine ‎for the inhabitants of the earth. (Hadith)‎

Hazrat Abu Hurairah (Radiyallahou anhu) said:‎

‎"The house in which the Qour'aan is read, its members increase, the virtues and blessings multiply, the angels descend ‎there and Satan leaves that house.  A house in which Qour'aan is not read, discomfort seizes it, it is deprived of ‎blessings, angels abandon it and the demons wreak havoc in it."‎

[Extracted from Al Haadi Vol.3 No.1]‎